6th Grade ELA : Unit #9 - BootCamp : Lesson #5

Close Reading For Conflict-Day 2

Objective: SWBAT to utilize their annotations to analyze a text and demonstrate understanding.
Standards: RL.6.1 RL.6.2 RL.6.3 SL.6.6
Subject(s): English / Language Arts
60 minutes
1 Advanced Organizer - 5 minutes

Annotating text requires a lot of skill with inferences.  To keep their skills sharp and ready to go, I will have the students complete the Inferences Practice handout to practice making inferences.  I will allow them about 5 minutes to work on their own and then do a Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up to share and validate their work.  

As they are working, I will assess their readiness for today's lesson.  I can quickly clarify if necessary.  

2 Independent Practice - 25 minutes

Yesterday we spend a lot of time working with the story The Tail.  It is a long story and the students worked to make annotations about characterization as well as any inferences they made while reading.  I am trying to develop their skills with annotating so I gave them a Guided Annotations handout to work with while reading.  This will hopefully model for them what would be important to annotate. 

Today, we are going to use our notes to work on analyzing the story.  I will pass out the Questions that go along with the story and review the directions.  I am anticipating that some of the students will need more guidance with the questions, so I am going to split them into their reading groups and allow them to work as a group.  This will also allow me a chance to move about the room and assist as needed.  

I am expecting to have to work with my struggling readers on breaking apart the questions and taking it one at a time.  If possible, it may even be helpful to chunk this activity.  



Independent Work
Gradual Release

The students are making great progress with this skill.  Annotating text is hard for them because they never know "what to annotate".  I have tried to model with them that it is basically your "thinking" about the text, but they are still unsure and too insecure to take that leap on their own.  

However, today, they all did a great job and took risks! I was very happy to see them using their annotations and even begin to naturally get into the flow of thinking about the text.  

The activity didn't take them as long as I thought it would and even my struggling learners cruised through some of the questions.  Because they had spent so much time annotating, answering the questions was easy! It was a great "teaching" moment and a good revelation for them to have! 


3 Closure - 5 minutes

To review what we have learned and to assess their learning, I will ask the students to complete a closure slip.  I want the students to be able to explain to me what annotations are and why they are useful in our writing.  

I will give them about five minutes to reflect and write and then I will ask them to share their response with their Shoulder Partners before we share as a class.