4th Grade ELA : Unit #15 - Aspiring Authors! : Lesson #8

Novice Narrative Novels

Objective: SWBAT compose a fiction narrative piece of writing which includes dialogue between characters.
Standards: W.4.3 W.4.3a W.4.3b W.4.3c W.4.3d W.4.3e
Subject(s): English / Language Arts
60 minutes
1 Narrative - 0 minutes
2 Composing Narrative Stories - 60 minutes

In the previous lesson, the students reviewed how to use quotation marks to include dialogue in writing.  They also planned out their story using a graphic organizer.  In this lesson, I will review quotation marks to being.  

Once we have reviewed quotation marks, I will go over the writing rubric I will be using with the students so they are aware of what I am looking for when grading these papers. 

I will then allow the students the remainder of the time today to compose their narrative stories.

Story Length
High Expectations

I gave the students a lot of freedom on this writing assignment.  They were free to choose the theme, characters, setting, plot, etc.  As they started writing, several students asked me about length requirements.  I told them that I didn't have a set length it needed to be, because story length varies greatly based on the story.  I told them what I WAS requiring was to have a great plot with dialogue from the characters to help convey feeling and meaning.  They needed to write not to a required amount, but write until the story was finished.  I was extremely impressed with the length of the stories.  The students did what I asked and wrote until the story was finished.  Although a couple of the stories were only two or three pages long, the majority were over six pages long.