4th Grade ELA : Unit #15 - Aspiring Authors! : Lesson #6

For Cell Phones or Against? The Great Debate

Objective: SWBAT speak knowledgeably about their opinions on whether kids should have cell phones or not as they come prepared to our classroom debates.
Standards: SL.4.1 SL.4.1a SL.4.1b SL.4.1c SL.4.1d
Subject(s): English / Language Arts
60 minutes
1 Narrative - 0 minutes
2 Class Debate - 90 minutes

In the lesson, students researched and prepared to debate whether or not kids should be given their own cell phone.  Today's students will work in teams as they face off during our classroom debate.  Our debate teams consist of three students per team.  I have 24 students so this worked out nicely to divide the students into eight debate teams. With eight debate teams, we will have four formal debates. A few of the students decided that it would be fun to have a host for the debate.  I have aloud different students that opportunity during our four different debates.  I have included our debate rules in the resources.  

To set up for our debate, I have put three desks on the left side and three desks on the right side of the the front of the room.  The desks are facing the rest of the class.  Check out the resources for short video clips of the debate.

New Tradition
Adjustments to Practice

I am now a believer in the power of using debates in the classroom.  My kids are sold on debates as well.  They are even coming up with topics for our next debate.  What a fun way to get the kids speaking and listening and participating in group discussions.  We sure had a lot of fun while doing it as well.  The engagement level was 100%!  All students were engaged in the task.  We will definitely be holding debates in the future as well.