11th Grade ELA : Unit #3 - Text Structure and Language Use in Literature : Lesson #13

Story Element Project, Day 2 of 3

Objective: SWBAT analyze how story elements work together by completing an arts integration project.
Standards: RL.11-12.3 RL.11-12.4 RL.11-12.5
Subject(s): English / Language Arts
60 minutes
1 The Story Element Project - 0 minutes

Check out project materials here. These were all introduced day one.

How to Best Use Student Examples

We know that offering a model helps students meet goals, but what if meeting the goal is simply an imitation of others' work? Does that really show that the student knows the skill? Probably not.

Today I offered 2 forms of modeling for my students. First, I modeled how I would analyze a different book. Students would be able to apply my process but not steal my content. Second, I offered a student example--but it wasn't perfect. In fact, we even talked about how it wasn't perfect. It certainly had merits, and we talked about those, too. Still, showing a not-quite-perfect example is, to me, a better way to use student work. It discourages outright copying of ideas while still showing students, if the example is well chosen, how a project might be structured.

2 Do Now: Goal Setting - 5 minutes
3 Work - 40 minutes

Students have the class period to work on their projects today. I have all materials needed for any of the options, from art supplies to computer time.

As students work, I again meander to address questions and keep students on task. For the most part, students simply want me to check in work. Does the work meet the standards? What more could be added? These are questions I love to hear! Students are doing a nice job analyzing the characterization, especially on how language choice contributes (we've done a lot of practice on this), though they often are missing reference to the beginning and ending of the novel. These are important plot elements given the change characters experience, so I remind students to consider them.

An Anti-climactic Ending to Class
Exit Tickets

When the bell rang, students were still in various stages of work (yay). Unfortunately, this seemed to me to be a rather anti-climactic way to end what had been a productive hour. I could have (and should have) had some closing activity:

  • students could have shared whether or not they met their goals
  • students could have planned for the next day
  • students could have celebrated by sharing their favorite piece of their project so far

Anything would have been better than nothing. Ah well, I can always adjust for the next work day.