7th Grade ELA : Unit #7 - Vocabulary : Lesson #1

Introduction of Vocabulary Words

Objective: SWBAT use the week's vocabulary words and roots in order to find other words with the root and determine their meaning.
Standards: L.7.4a L.7.4b
Subject(s): English / Language Arts
60 minutes
1 Mini-Lesson - 5 minutes

This short lesson is meant to be used as part of a daily lesson on every Monday. I usually do a short vocabulary lesson at the start of a lesson, before my lesson opener or at the end, after the exit ticket. 

Teach: I will say, I am going to practice the skill reading over the week's vocabulary words and roots in order to find other words with the root and determine their meaning. I am going to use the strategy of repeating the words and synonyms off the Word Wall. The process I will use is as follows:

1) Repeat the words off the Word Wall with my classmates

2) Ask myself, "What other word do I know that has one of the roots?" 

3) Jot down a word with the root and the meaning on my weekly vocabulary sheet*

4) Complete the rest with a dictionary for homework

5) I will make it a goal to use at least one of the words in my writing today. 

I will have students do a class-wide choral read of the words. They will then turn and talk about a word they know using one of the roots. They will jot one down and complete the rest for homework. I will remind them after the writing lesson to use at least one of the words and underline it in their writing today.

*All weeks are included below


Students Taking the Lead
Student Ownership

I have student volunteers lead the reading of the Word Wall everyday. Sometimes I forget how important it is to have students lead part of the class. One week recently the phone rang right when I was about to lead the Word Wall reading. I quickly asked a student to read it while I answered it. I noticed much more engagement by the rest of a class when the student was reading it. It helped me remember that students are the best motivators of their classmates sometimes!

I now always have a student read it and when they get a pronounce a word or root incorrectly, I will just gently correct them in front of the class. 

2 Rationale - 0 minutes

Rationale: I wanted to explain how I come up with the roots and words for the week. Here are my reasons:

1) Our school's trainer, Cornelius Minor stated the based on current research, we should only give students at the most five words per week. This gives students a chance to use them in their writing and reading through out the week. 

2) I ask my student's reading teacher what words/roots she would like me to go over for the week or I use ones that will make sense with our writing unit. For example, I used the word "chronological" since students had to "chronologically" write about an event in their writing unit. 

3) I use multiple resources for the "most used roots" that 7th graders will be able to use within a 7th grade text and/or test. 

4) I repeat a word(s) from the week before if the majority of the students miss it on their quiz.