4th Grade ELA : Unit #3 - Biomes - Science Integration : Lesson #7

Biomes - Assessment Day

Objective: SWBAT show what they have learned about biomes through a student and teacher created assessment.
Standards: W.4.7
Subject(s): English / Language Arts
60 minutes
1 Narrative - 0 minutes
2 Biomes Assessment - 30 minutes

We will be taking a test on biomes that the students have co-written.  Within this Science integrated content, the students are the ones who have taught the class about the different biomes. As a result, I felt that they should be the ones to write the assessment.  I have attached the assessment that they wrote which can be found in the resources. 

In addition to this written assessment that the students prepared, we will also be taking a state science benchmark exam on the computers that will let me know the concepts that the students understand and the ones we need to take a closer look at and reteach.

Reflection on Assessment
Unit Exams

Student test scores on this unit were impressive.  The class average (between both of my classes) was 87 percent on the state biome benchmark exam.  I guess the old saying that you always learn something better when you teach it held true for this unit.  :)