6th Grade Math : Unit #7 - Equations : Lesson #6

Review + Quiz: Solving Equations

Objective: SWBAT use their strategies to solve equations
Standards: 6.EE.B.5 6.EE.B.7 MP1 MP2 MP3 MP4 MP5 MP6
Subject(s): Math
60 minutes
1 DO NOW - 15 minutes

Students will be solving a percent problem.  I chose this problem to continually keep their prior learning in mind.  To solve this problem, students can use a double number line, tape diagram, or ratio table(SMP 5) This  problem requires them to find the percent of a number and then add the result to find the solution.

Students may have difficulty remembering what tool to use, so remind them of their options.  Students may have difficulty understanding that their solution is the result of adding on what they have found. If this happens, ask the students if there answer makes sense. (SMP6:  making sense of our solutions)


Tools:  Do NOW problem

2 Numbered Heads Together - 25 minutes

The students will be using a NHT Review for Expressions and Equations to practice for their quiz.  The problems used will help prepare them for problems they will see on the quiz. I’ve allotted 25 minutes, but if your students take a bit longer on quizzes, you may want to cut this time shorter. 

Question 1:  Students will be reviewing how to substitute for a variable.  This is important to know because they use it to check their solutions. Students will need to use orders of operations.

Question 2: Students will be writing an expression which is helpful when writing equations.  Remind students to use their notes if they are stuck on the word “product”.

Question 3: Students should write the equation and solve.  Make this clear to them.  Many students can solve this mentally, but our goal is for students to understand how to write the equation and then to show work to support their solution.   When students write the equation, watch to see if they represent the equation correctly because they use the words “more than”.

Question 4: Students should be writing the equation and then solving it. Students should be able to support their solution by showing their work.

Question 5: This question is multiple choice. The problem will be that students will not read the problem correctly.  The problem has them looking for the “non-solution”.

Question 6 and 7:  This is a straight forward solving an equation problem.  Students will need to understand the operation being used and then use the inverse operation to solve.  All work, including the check should be shown to support their answer.

Question 8:  Allow students to find their solution on their own, however, students will need to support their answer.  This will require students to use writing or equations to prove their solution is correct.

Numbered Heads together supports:

SMP 1:  students will need to make sense of the problem

SMP2:  Students will need to understand what the numbers mean.

SMP 3: Students will need to prove their solutions are correct.

SMP4: Students will model the math by writing expressions and equations.

SMP6: Students will need to make sense of their solutions. 

Tools: NHT power point, white board and markers

3 Closure = Quiz - 45 minutes

Students will be finishing this lesson with a quiz on expressions and equations.

The quiz has a similar design as their review.  The students typically struggle with equations that look like this:  8 + x = 12. If you notice that students are struggling with this type of equation, ask them if they are able to switch the variable and the number around?  What property allows them to do this?

The quiz has a variety of word problems and mathematical problems to solve.  Students will also be reviewing writing and solving expressions which goes hand in hand with equations.

Tools:  Expressions and Equations Quiz


Some minor tweaks

Instead of giving this as one large quiz, I rearranged the quiz so that they would only be quizzed on the addition and subtraction equations first.  Then I'm going to use the multiplication and division section for a study guide.  I created a new quiz to cover more of the real-world component needed to support CC.EE.B.7.  As I reviewed the first part of the quiz, I realized I didn't have enough of the real world application.  The new quiz will cover all  mathematical operations for the equations along with writing and solving equations in a real world setting.