Christa Lemily South Warren Middle School, Bowling Green, KY
8th Grade Math : Unit #3 - Solving Linear Equations in One Variable : Lesson #5

Instant Riches Day 2 of 2

Objective: SWBAT begin working backwards to productively solve for missing information when guess and check becomes too difficult a strategy.
Standards: 8.EE.C.7b MP1 MP3 MP4 MP6 MP8
Subject(s): Math
60 minutes
1 Bellringer: Lesson Opener - 15 minutes

Begin class today with a discussion of the class/homework questions from the previous class period – questions eight – eleven.  If your students posted comments to Edmodo then pull those discussions up on your projector board and discuss your favorite responses that you marked with a badge for easy locating.   Reading the table for a pattern is an important skill to build in students this year.  Taking this pattern and expressing it algebraically is an even bigger skill that will be a focus throughout this school year

Edmodo Preview

Providing feedback that moves learning forward

Mini-Wrap Up Strategy Explained

2 Finishing the Activity - 30 minutes

After a wrap up of the homework is complete, remind students that one objective they decided yesterday, was to develop a systematic method of answering these questions and not relying so much on guess and check.  We will begin an extension activity today that will allow them to continue to develop a systematic method of working through these types of questions.  Allow students time to work collaboratively to complete the entire extension activity.  Encourage students to write with complete sentences and complete thoughts when asked to give advice.  It is good practice to begin writing in a math context using proper math vocabulary (MP6).  As students work to complete the extension activity move about the room noting different approaches to answering each question.  Ask students who work correctly to present during the wrap up and try to select a variety of approaches to present solutions.  Also, provide feedback that moves learning forward while you are assessing student work.  Feedback means asking students thoughtful questions that guide their thinking.  Feedback does not mean telling them how to work and simply saying yes, an answer is correct or no it is not correct.

Activating students as owners of their own learning

Activating students as resources for one another

Cooperative Grouping Explained

Clarifying and Sharing Learning Intentions and Criteria for Success

Scripting Strategy


Getting to the Point of the Lesson
Student Ownership

One of the main theme of the lesson "Instant Riches"  is you need to develop a systematic plan for solving for unknown values because guess and check is not always the most efficient skill.  Some students really struggled to find answers at all to questions that required lengthy decimal answers such as the ones in the tables where students were asked to find initial investment amounts there were very long decimals (I told them to answer the tables mathematically, not realistically for the place value of money.).   This discuss lead to student presentations of strategies and good discussions of approaching investment values but never reaching them and why.  Here is one student's presentation to the group.

3 Wrapping Up the Lesson - 5 minutes

Assign students one homework problem.  Develop an advertisement for investing in a bank of your choice (the bank can be made-up) where an initial investment of $45 will be worth $90 by the end of the second month.  The investment ad must include a service charge as well as a method of increasing the initial investment.  Artistic designs for the ad are to look appealing and interesting as a billboard, poster, or magazine ad are welcome but not required.