Geometry : Unit #3 - Transformers and Transformations : Lesson #3

Translations are Terrific

Objective: SWBAT translate polygons in real-world situations.
Standards: HSG-CO.A.2 HSG-CO.A.4 HSG-CO.A.5 MP4 MP5
Subject(s): Math
90 minutes
1 Do Now and Pair-Share - 25 minutes

Do Now:  In this Do Now, students will look at a picture of a building being reflected into water.  When I’ve shown this picture in the past, most students know it is a reflection but it’s important for students to also point out that this is a reflection about x-axis.   There is also another question that asks students to review CCW rotations of 90.  This is a great chance for teachers to review questions about rotations from the previous lesson.   Teachers can also review the agenda and objective for this lesson.



There is a pair-share with three review questions for students to complete prior to starting our new lesson on translations.  Students will hopefully lead the review of these concepts, and teachers can continue to reinforce important vocabulary like pre-image, image, rotations, transformations and reflections.  

2 Game Time and Practice - 30 minutes
Translations are Terrific_Middle_Video
3 Activity/Homework and Exit Ticket - 20 minutes


After completing in class examples, students should be encouraged to work in pairs or small groups on practice questions and a worksheet with examples, which can be found in student notes.   Teachers can circulate and answer student questions. 



After giving students 10-15 minutes to work on this assignment, teachers can ask students to put their work on the board and then review these questions with the entire class.  This is a great opportunity for teachers to reinforce vocabulary and also ask students some important summary questions like,

- What are vectors and how did we use them today?

- How do translations change a pre-image?

- How do translations not change a pre-image?

- How are translations different from the other transformations that we have learned? 

- What is the definition of transformation?

- What is something that is NOT a transformation?  (this is a great preview

question for the next topic dilation!) 


The Exit Ticket for this lesson reviews how to complete a translations along a vector.