12th Grade Math : Unit #3 - Rational Functions and Equations : Lesson #6

Rationalized Transformations: Shifting Rational Functions

Objective: SWBAT simplify complicated radical expressions to graph the function as a shift of y=1/x.
Standards: HSF-IF.C.7d HSF-BF.B.3 MP6 MP7
Subject(s): Math
60 minutes
1 Warm-up: Homework Quiz - 10 minutes

For the first 8-10 minutes of class today students I will have students complete their Homework Quiz over Homeworks #1-3 from last week.

2 Explanation: Shifting Rational Functions - 35 minutes
3 Closure: Clicker Questions - 5 minutes

To help students wrap-up today’s learning and demonstrate their current understandings, I have students answer the Clicker Questions questions on page 13-15 of today’s Flipchart.  The question on page 13 assesses today’s new learnings, while giving students an opportunity to apply the new vocabulary word, asymptote. The questions on page 14-15 are a stretched version of the parent function. For the question on page 14, I plan to just have students answer it based on their knowledge of asymptotes and shifting. Then, I will talk a bit about the stretch factor of 2. For the next question, I will encourage students to use their knowledge of shifting to eliminate some answers. Answers 1 and 4 will probably both appear correct to students as they both have the correct shift. Then, I will encourage students to use a test point to find the correct answer. Testing when x=2 works great!  

4 Homework - 1 minutes

I plan to assign Homework 4 - Rational Functions for the students to begin working on this evening.