Jeff Li MTP KIPP Infinity Charter School, NEW YORK, NY
8th Grade Math : Unit #12 - POLYNOMIALS AND FACTORING : Lesson #2

Multiply monomials

Objective: SWBAT multiply monomials.
Standards: HSA-APR.A.1 MP2 MP6 MP7
Subject(s): Math
60 minutes
1 Warm-up - 10 minutes

Each day, students complete a Warmup that usually consists of spiraling the previous day's material, in addition to older material.  Warm-up problems also sometimes extend lessons that students have encountered before to more unfamiliar contexts.

For a video narrative about how I structure each lesson, and how the warm-up fits in watch my Lesson Structure video.

In today's warm-up, I wanted to re-focus on standards that are outside of the 8th grade common core, but part of the Algebra I standards.  The first two tasks should be quick, but the third task is meant to be a bit of a problem-solving exercise - and I like how the interleaving of different topics gets their brains going in the beginning of class.

2 Play of the Day - 40 minutes
4 Homework - 15 minutes

The homework this evening provides students with an opportunity to advance their understanding of multiplying polynomials:

13 - 2 HW139 Multiply monomials